What is your favorite moment at Medinah Country Club????

Here are my two favorites:

As of right now Medinah has held more major championships in Chicago than any other course.  There have been some amazing and somewhat unbelievable golf shots and plays made by the professionals who frequent these tournaments.  I have narrowed my two favorite moments from Medinah Country Club (at least modern times) and I wanted to see out of my two favorite shots/moments what is the readers of the Chicago Golf Guy Blog favorite moment?

I am sure that two weeks from now we will have some new golfing moments from the 2012 Ryder Cup (hopefully of the USA Team winning said Ryder Cup).  But my question stands?  What is your favorite major golf moment from Medinah Country Club?

I think I am sticking with Hale Irwin’s round the green high five…but you guys tell me.

Click on the picture to see the video…

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