My Top Lists:

The Chicago Golf Guy loves to rate things.  I love to tell my fellow golfers my top things to do in Chicago, where to play golf, how to be cooler, and all that kind of golfing jazz.  If you have a TOP list that you do not see here, please contact me and let me know.  Want to put in your two cents?  Please feel free to comment on any or all of the Chicago Golf Guy’s top lists!

Top Golf Gambling Games

TOP 5 Cool Guy Golf Celebrations

Top 5 Chicago Public Golf Courses

Top 10: US Presidents in Golf

Top Putters of all time…Clubs not Players


  1. Have a question regarding wolf (fivesome). If someone goes wolf and wins, is that one point from EACH of the other players or only 1 point total. I understand it would double if he won, and double again if it was a birdie. Could it be the wolf would win 8 points for the regular win and 16 points if it was a birdie?

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