Lost Marsh Golf Course (Hammond, IN)

Home to a world class 18-hole public golf course and a challenging 9-hold executive course, Lost Marsh is a shining example of brown-field reclamation, habitat restoration, and a satisfying golfing experience. With driving range facilities, pro-shop and lounge, Lost Marsh is an excellent facility at an affordable price.

Indiana?  I know sounds like Lost Marsh is in another world, but actually just a $7 Skyway trip away.  Lost Marsh has got to be one of the hidden gems that most Chicago golfers either don’t know about, or are not aware of what they are missing.  Imagine if you could find a golf course that was as nice as Harbor Side without the Harbor Side prices??? Lost Marsh fills that void.  A fun linksy (yes I used the word Linksy as in very similar to a Links style course but only slightly) golf course that is in great shape and hands down has the coolest clubhouse in the Midwest.

Lost Marsh Golf Course is in great shape, with difficult greens, a sporty lay out, and plenty of water to dodge.  Being that Lost Marsh is owned by the Port Authority or Hammond, and is close the beautiful city of Gary, the water is the star of this golf course.  Now this is one of those stars that can be quite crazy at times (as the star of the show can be) and at other times a wonderfully scenic view that plays perfectly with the golf course.  The holes that the star studded water goes a little bonkers…#1, #3, #4 and #10.  Those four holes are by far the toughest holes on the course, and are probably what most people with think of when they are finished after 18 holes.  They are a little too unique and odd to flow perfectly with the course and are the only negative (if you can count them as negative) comments about the course.

The opening four holes are difficult and filled with land mines (mostly water, out of bounds, and heavily guarded undulated greens).  After you get past the first four holes on the front nine the course plays with a little less stress, and more bail out areas.  When you hit the ninth hole you will find a up hill long par four 450+ with the Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie Style Clubhouse in the back ground.  The in course out of bounds on the right makes the hole a little tougher, but there is no hiding the difficulty of the ninth hole… its long and uphill and you just have to finish this marathon to get to the back nine.

Enter the back nine and the end of the “sporty” holes.  The 10th is a 90* dogleg right short par five where you either have to play a mid iron off the tee or hit a blind tee shot up over the trees only 15-20 yards in front of the back tee box.  After the blind tee shot, and the rest of the par five 10th the rest of the back nine is tough but fair and lots of fun.  The 18th hole is another brute of a hole 450 up hill with a tough green and room to spare left or right.  Just keep hitting that little white ball towards the green and you will eventually get there…I did.

Lost Marsh is my new found secret course.  I love the lay out, and the greens were in great shape, and the course was tough but sporty.  I know the few goofy water holes might ruin it for other Chicago Land Golfers, but with the specials that Lost Marsh runs and the conditions I think most people are going to love it.

The Chicago Golf Guy gives Lost Marsh Golf Course in Hammond, IN a BIRDIE.  I would have given it a lower rating but with the four or five holes that most players are not going to enjoy it was just too much of a deciding factor for me to give Lost Marsh a Eagle rating.  I will be playing Lost Marsh or as my golfing buddy Joe calls it “Lost Ball”.  The course is fun, and after you play it once it will become much less intimidating and play a little easier.  I highly recommend Lost Marsh and be sure to check out their website to find some great deals like their weekday early bird special for $45.

Lost Marsh Golf Course
1001 129th Street, Hammond, IN
(219) 932-4653 ‎ · lostmarshgolf.com
Chicago Golf Guy Hot Tip:
$45 early bird special at Lost Marsh – best deal in Chicago, and I finished in under 3 hours.  That alone was worth more than the $45 fee.

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  1. Decent review of Lost Marsh you’re ana hole for your swipe at Gary. But all and all yeah good review. A tad bit expensive too play but you can find good deals online

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