About Chicago Golf Guy

What or Who is the Chicago Golf Guy?

Chicago Golf Guy is a golf blog for golfers by golfers in Chicago, who are looking for everything and anything golf in Chicago.  That is a lot of golf and Chicago in one sentence, but this blog is going to be all about golf in Chicago, so I figure its fine.

The topics are going to be:  reviews of golf courses in the Chicago land area as well as golf equipment testing and reviews.  I will also blog about new golf websites offering discounts on golf, as well as what golf tournaments are going on in Illinois, and pretty much anything else that you can think about pertaining to golf in Chicago.  I will blog about the PGA Tour, major golf trends, golf fashion, golf etiquette, golf conventions (mostly the golf shows in Chicago), and really just give you my two cents on everything golf in Chicago.

I am a 2.2 handicap.  I never walk (well almost never, sometimes the cart runs out of gas and then I have to walk to the clubhouse, or to find someone to take me inside). I am a golf club nut, I purchase golf clubs on eBay (almost to an obsession), I shop the local golf stores, and I hit up the big chain guys as well (GolfSmiths and Golf Galaxy’s).  UPDATED for 2014~ I just bought a new set of Miznuo MP4’s irons 5 iron through PW, as well as the 2 and four iron in the Mizuno H4 model.  My driver is currently the Cleveland Classic Custom (the black head) with a Fubuki shaft in it.  Just got a new old three 3wd, the TaylorMade V Steel 3wd with a Fubuki shaft.  My putter is always changing, and I have had longer cab rides than some of my putters have lasted on the golf course.  Almost every round I finish the front nine, grab a hot dog, and possibly some kind of club change (typically that POS putter).  I typically play 120+ rounds a year (no I don’t work very much).  I play all over Chicago, and I am not particular to any one course (I play where I can get a deal).

I may be a 2.2 handicap, but I hit the ball like a +1, chip and putt like a 10, and scuff it around good enough to be a shitty 2.2 handicap (on my best days) for all of my gambling partners.  I have just recently gotten the tournament bug, and really enjoy the competitive side of golf.

Feel free to email me at ChicagoGolfGuy@gmail.com or check us out on Facebook and Twitter

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. luv your site, would you be interested in a mens league that plays fri. and sundays. play when you want, different tournaments every week, handicaps from 2-36

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