Top Putters of All Time – Ping Zing 2 Putter

The ping zing 2 is one of my favorite putters of all time.  I have always been partial to heel toe weighted putters, especially ones with a little hosel/neck.  Throw in the fact that I can get one of my favorite looking putters in beryllium copper, and you got yourself a winning combination.  The ping zing is probably most popular for its cover shoot with the 1989 US Open Winner Curtis Strange.  Jose Maria Olazabal also happened to win a Masters tournament with a Ping Zing 2 putter.  I personally love the Ping Zing 2 original putters (80’s) because of the very thin top line.  It makes for a very nice sight line for me, although the newer models now have a much fatter and arguably more user friendly top line.

The Ping Zing 2 is always a putter that I look for when I am at garage sales, or in golf stores with a used bin.  I have gone back to my “lil benny” (my nickname for my old beryllium copper ping zing 2 that I have had for a few years now) every time my putting goes sour or I lose a head cover.  That might be my favorite part about the old Ping Zing 2’s: they do not require $100 head covers to keep them safe.  Put that Ping putter in your bag with no cover, and in a few rounds you will have some beautiful patina on the sole (which gives it more character).  Who needs a head cover when a can of coke at nine will restore your Ping Zing 2 Copper Putter to its original luster, and the envy of all your friends.



  1. Great post and I couldnt agree more! My son is using my old zing 2 for high school golf while his Cameron Newport 2.5 is getting customized! It’s same length (36) and I put a super stroke midsize on it. The roll is so true on the ping and he says it feels lighter but does just fine with it. It’s pretty neat because I used it my senior year of high school golf in mid 80’s. I went from an old bullseye to it.

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