Round 3 Recap: 2012 Crowne Plaza Invitational

Today in Texas will be the Zach Johnson and the Jason Dufner show.  With the closest competitor to the Duffman and ZJ (if you don’t know what a ZJ is then you can’t afford one) a close seven shots behind.  With Dufner keeping a one shot lead at -15 under over Johnson at -14 under, the two friends will be playing together again on Sunday with one of them walking away with the title of Crowne Plaza Invitational Champion.

For Dufner he would be the first back to back winner this year, as well as a three time winner with more than half the season left to play.  He would also be the first player (and only player) since Ben Hogan to win both in Dallas and Fort Worth on the PGA Tour.  If Zach Johnson were to win it would be his first victory of the year, and he would knock Dufner from the spot light (Dufner is red hot right now).  But don’t write ZJ off yet… he has the lowest scoring average on tour at Colonial Country Club with a 67.79.  The lowest on tour for career low scoring average at Colonia.  To say that he loves that golf course is an understatement and a half (if you can have a half an understatement).

The Chicago Golf Guy can almost guarantee that either Dufner or Johnson will be “Crowned” the winner tomorrow at Colonial.  Short of two gloves shooting something in the 63 range tomorrow, I would say you can call Vegas and bet the farm that the winner with either by ZJ or the Duffman.

Speaking of Two Gloves check out his approach shot from off the bridge in this video.  Looks like something I would do.  “Ok guys off the bridge under the tree through that bunker and I am going to knock that pelican from his perch behind the green…”

Same time tomorrow? Good by me…

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