Round 4 Recap: 2012 Crowne Plaza Invitational

What a finish and what a last hole yesterday in Texas.  Zach Johnson won by a single stroke over Jason Dufner, in what was a very odd finish.  Zach had two hiccups on the last hole, but still manged to bring home the W at Colonial.  First he hit out of turn on the last hole (Dufner had the tee, but Zach teed off first out of turn, there is no penalty for hitting out of turn, just a break of etiquette) which was undoubtedly just a mental mistake by Zach’s part and was not done maliciously.  But the story goes on from there.  After the little mental mistake on the tee, Zach marks his putt.  But in marking his ball, then moving the marker out of Dufner’s line, Johnson failed to return it to its original spot. Jonson made his “par save” from the bunker, and raised his hands in victory. He was alerted to the mistake after his round, and thus had to add a two-stroke penalty. Fortunately for Johnson, that still left him with a one-stroke victory. Officially, he shot a 2-over 72 for 12 under, one shot ahead of Dufner, who shot 74.

Despite the weird last hole, the tournament was really lost on 15th hole when Dufner’s second shot from a fairway bunker found the water left of the green.  It is really a shame that the Jason Dufner express just ran out of steam, when he could have kept it going for a few more holes and had an unbelievable month, rather than an incredible month.  Either way Dufner has established himself as one of golf’s elite.

How did Two Gloves do?  Well he did very well for himself finishing third all by himself.  Tommy Gainey also pulled off a rare double win in the stats. He led the tournament in driving, averaging 318.5 yards, and he led the tournament in Strokes Gained-Putting. He rode his distance and SGP (strokes gained putting) to a third-place finish.  Tommy gets his fifth 3rd place finish in a PGA Tour event and his first top 5 of the season.  Tommy is a player that we can all realate too, because he is not your every day tour pro, and he made his way onto the PGA Tour from the Big Break.  What a story Tommy Gainey is, two gloves and all.

Despite a mental mistake on the last Johnson earns his 8th PGA Tour Victory & his 2nd win at Colonial.

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