Round 2 Recap: 2012 Crowne Plaza Invitational

What a year Jason Dufner is having, and we are not even half way through.  He is going for his third win in Four starts (yes that is Dufner stat not a Woods stat), and if at all possible I am even beginning to think that maybe he is on to something with the stoic looks he makes look so easy.  Is it possible that the Chicago Golf Guy wears his heart too much on his sleeve, and should tuck it into his pocket like Dufner does?  All I know is that my playing partner yesterday in the scope of five minutes: missed a two footer for par, after leaving his 20 foot birdie putt two feet short, broke his putter when striking the ball as hard as humanly possible, threw his ball at the cart, tried to pull the top of the cart off (yes the top of the cart, and it was a wonderment it did not come off), kick his beer over, and proceed to go on a bogey/triple barrage (including intermittent strikes at the cart).  Then on the par 5 15 he made a great drive, crappy 3wd by the green, good chip to five feet, and ran in the putt for birdie and a 40 point swing in his direction.  So with that being said, not sure if the rage helped him there, or if we should all take a page from Dufner and not let anything bother us (good or bad).  I believe there is a great compromise in there somewhere, just not sure where.

Sorry for the tangent story, but if you were there you would have laughed cried and at times feared for your life, or at least the structural integrity of the golf cart.  I do want to mention my favorite big breaker Tommy “2 gloves” Gainey with his 66-67 start at Colonial.  Will this be the week that Tommy gets that first win?  I hope so, his is a Cinderella story at the very least, but to become a PGA Tour winner, would be like finding two princesses at the ball… twins at that!

A rare show of emotion from Dufner who’s Going for 3 wins in 4 starts



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