Titleist Tour Van Secrets…Wedge Stamping Trendy or Toxic?

A look inside the Titleist Tour Van… They do a lot of cool stuff in the Titleist Tour Van, and I really would like to see the inside of this bad boy:

I have never owned clubs that have been stamped, or stamped my clubs, or really seen anyone with their clubs stamped.  Now by today’s standard I am no spring chicken (as much as I would like to be), and I think the club stamping is a young mans game.  You see the college players, and some of the Nationwide Tour guys, as well as the youngest PGA Tour players (like Rickie Fowler) stamping their clubs.  Not too sure you are going to see Steve Stricker with SS stamped on his clubs.

The question I have is not why someone would stamp their clubs, but what do you do when you want to get rid of those clubs?  Who would buy a 56* wedge with another guys initials on it?  I guess I am always holding on to the fact that if all else goes bad I could sell those clubs on eBay to offset my new golf club purchase.  Plus I wouldn’t know what to stamp on my clubs. I think the hardest part would be thinking of something cool to stamp on your clubs.

I will say that for the right type of player, stamping your clubs can be pretty cool.  Its a dead giveaway of one of two things, either the guy you just got paired up with is a dead ringer, or you are going to have one of the worst rounds of your life with Tommy the wannabe.  Either way beware of the kid with his clubs stamped, and if its an older guy… hope he’s playing with his kids clubs.

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