The best way to quit smoking when you are a social golf smoker:

"Smoking vs Seeds"

I am not a social smoker, I like to think I am, but I’m not.  I smoke much more often than I say I do, but I do smoke more in certain situations.  Such as when I am golfing, I can blow through a whole pack of cigarets in 18 holes, and that’s just a relaxing round with friends and no betting.  Throw in a $5 a point 6 point scotch game, and I better have 2 or 3 packs of cigarettes ready to keep my nerves calm and steady (or at least as calm and steady as they will every be).

So how does a “social smoker” like myself, reduce the amount of smoking on the golf course… Sunflower seeds.  Sunflower seeds are cheaper than cigarettes, there are not entirely bad for you, a little high in sodium, but not too high in calories.  There are some negatives to the sunflower seed substitution: you have a huge wad of seeds in your mouth, you do get chapped lips and cheek from all the seeds, you spit all over the green, your shirt, your cart, and basically everywhere else you mange to find yourself while playing golf.  However, I think anyone will argue that a little extra sodium, is better than all the wonderful toxins in cigratees that you should be missing when subsitiuting sun flower seeds.

Here are some of my favorite golfers who smoke, from the golden days when cigarettes had vitamins in them to the current cancer sticks we all know and love:

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  1. get a set routine. as for your grip find one that lets you strkoe the putter with the least wrist action make sure your eyes are directly over the ball in your stance place the ball where you will catch it on the upstrkoe you’ll roll it better this way the other is pratice from ten feet in those are the strkoe savers the last thing i would like you to try is when you pratice work on line and speed and the strkoe itself not on how many you make or miss

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