The importance of making Bogey

I know it seems a little funny to say that in golf it is important to make bogeys, but in order to score well you need to make bogeys.  All good players turn those triples and double bogeys into just a bogey.  I know I just wanted to reiterate, that yes in order to be a good golfer you must be able to make bogeys.

For example… good players will shoot 76 with six bogeys and two birdies.  But if you take that same round where there was six shakey holes (be it a 3-putt or a errand tee shot or a fat second shot) a player that makes two of those bad holes into doubles or worse… now your 76 turns into a 78,79 or 80.  There is a big difference in score when you turn in a 76, then when you turn in a score only three shots worse, but miles stones away from a mid to low seventies score.  images 150x150 The importance of making Bogey...

The importance of making bogey is what good players do.  When you hit a bad tee shot, a medium or high handicapper will play the low percentage shots to try to miraculous get the ball on the green or back in the fairway.  Where a low handicapper will play the higher percentage shots, and get the ball to a comfortable yardage, so that you can get the ball on the green, and hopefully make the putt for par.  And if not for par, then an easy tap in for bogey.  Just imagine if you could go back during every round and say “don’t play the silly shot”.  Some players will call this mentality for scoring low to just take your medicine.  When you are in the trees, punch out and then try to play the hole for a one putt par.

Turn your doubles and others into bogeys and your scores will improve by light years, and you might be surprised how many times you make those one putt pars.  Remember that good players will trust in their short game, and will rely on the shots that they are most likely to pull off.  Don’t try to hit that one in a million shot, that when you miss you will make a double.  Stick with what you know, and play smarter golf, not better golf.  Scoring is not about how good your good shots are…good scoring comes from how bad your bad shots are.

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