Chicago might have missed out on the 2016 Olympics, but we do get to watch Olympic Golf:

Gold Medal for Golf in the 2016 Summer Olympics

Golf has not been a part of the Olympics since 1900 in Paris, France and 1904 in St. Louis, MO, USA.  22 players competed in Paris (10 women and 12 men) and 77 players competed in St. Louis, MO USA.  Charles Sands (USA) won the individual Gold Medal in 1900 and George Lyon (CAN) won the gold at the 1904 Summer Games.

200px Temporary logo of the 2016 Summer Olympics.svg  Gold Medal for Golf in the 2016 Summer OlympicsIt will be a great honor for any player to be a part of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio De Janiro Brazil, and I can promise you (even though I have no pull with the Olympic Committee) that there will be more than 77 players in attendance when golf makes its way back to the Olympics.  Only a handful of countries were privileged enough to compete in the first to Olympic Games where golf was featured, and I cannot wait to see what will happen when golf is opened back up to one of sports greatest stages.

Watching the Ryder Cup and the Presidents Cup has always been something that would give me goose bumps, and I can remember countless times that I was on the putting green practicing as a little kid with the sun going down pretending that 10-12 footer was to clinch a Ryder Cup win for the USA.  Every kid who plays golf, and some older guys and gals that might not admit it, practice their golf games and pretend to be winning the US Open, or the Masters, or the British Open.  Stealing Victory from Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus to win dramatically in a playoff so that I can raise the Claret Jug.

Now kids all around the world can practice their chipping in hopes of winning a gold medal for their country.  Winning one of golfs greatest tournaments is an individual victory, and although your country men are behind you, it will not compare to how one will feel winning a gold medal for their country.  No money won, no giant trophy, but winning a gold medal for your country that will make people smile much longer than just Sunday night.  While I watch the Accenture Match Play Championship today and tomorrow, I cannot help but think how cool it would be to watch golf in the Olympics.  How much fun I will have buying USA garb to cheer on my fellow Americans, and how great it would be to see the  USA bring home more medals than any other country combined ( I am aiming high on my expectations).

I hope that the 2016 Olympics will be more like a Ryder Cup match, where each country will play as a team, and win points for their countries by defeating competitors in individual and partner matches.  It also brings into mind who will play for the USA, who will be the coach for the USA.  What kind of USA merchandise can I purchase to show support for my country.  I am very excited for the Olympics in 2016, and I am even more excited to watch all the golfers from different parts of the world compete for only the 3rd Olympic Gold Medal ever given out for golf.

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