FREE US Open Golf Pick 6 Fantasy League~ win $250

usopen20213The guys over at Chicago Style Golf are asking me to run a Golf Fantasy league for the US Open.  All you have to do is pick six players and then watch the US Open.

What are the Rules? 
No rules in Golf Fantasy, except that you can only choose six players, and that only four of those six can be major champions.

What can I win? 
A $250 Gift Certificate good at Chicago Style Golf.  You can take the cash value of the Gift Certificate which is $120 cash money, but we suggest you check out Chicago Style Golf and get yourself something nice, they were willing to give you free money after all.

When will I know if I won? 
Well like I said before I am on my honeymoon until Friday June 21st, but I will do my best to get the totals back to everyone by Saturday the 22nd.  Thats the best I can do folks, we are lucky the Mrs. is even letting me do this.

How will you come up with the winner? 
Take your six players total money earnings for the 2013 US Open and the player whose team has won the most amount of money will be determined the winner of the Chicago Style Golf 2013 US Open Pick Six Fantasy League.

How do I sign up? 
Fill out the contact form below, and you are good to go.  Good Luck!

Official Rules:
PICK SIX US OPEN FANTASY LEAGUE with a $250 Gift Certificate to be given away to the winner.  Any and all ties will be determined by the closest player to the winning score with out going over*.  Remember you can only pick four major champs for your team, so be sure to double check that you only have four major champs on your team and not six… this was a problem during the Masters Fantasy League.  The last and final rule is that you are only allowed one entry.  Any violations of these rules will result in your disqualification and forfeiture of any winnings.

*if both players go over, then the closest to will be declared the winner  even though he has gone over the winning score.  In the case of a tie, and the tie breaker cannot determine a winner the reaming teams will split the winnings evenly.


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