and the winner is…

Who is the winner of the 2013
US OPEN Pick Six Golf Fantasy League?


The Winner of the US OPEN Pick Six Chicago Style Golf/Chicago Golf Guy Fantasy League picked the following team for a winner:

1 Justin Rose $1,440,000
T2 Phil Mickelson $696,104
T4 Jason Dufner $291,406
T32 Tiger Woods $47,246
T41 Rory McIlroy $37,324
T45 Adam Scott $28,961

Name: Jason
Email: jab—
Your Six Picks: : Woods, Rory, Phil, Rose, Scott, Dufner
Phone Number: 773 — 7297
How many under/over par will the winner be? : -8

****I have waited this long to release the winner, because Jason is MIA. He has not claimed his prize and will forfeit his winner on July 14th. If you know Jason or have information about this whereabouts please call the Chicago Style Golf missing fantasy league persons hot line!

**If the prize goes unclaimed we will either give it away to second place or roll it over into the British Open? Comment below on what you think.

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