Rory McIlroy is named PGA Tour player of the year:


Seriously…did anyone anywhere doubt that the man who won four golf tournaments including a major championship in record style, win the PGA Tour money list, the European Tour Order of Merit, and show up late to the Ryder Cup of the century only to play a pivotal role in the come back of the European Team would not be named the PGA Tour Player of the Year.

I am a huge Rory fan.  He is great for the game of golf and he is a dominante force on any tour he choses to play. The kid kind of reminds me of the last guy who won player of the year in his early twenties…TW.  Rory and Tiger will always be at the top of any golf blog post or news feed that even remotely talks about golf or sports in general. Rory is to Tiger as Tiger is to Jack Nickalus.  You cannot think of one and not the other.  Some of you might be thinking that this is a stretch but its not.  The last two years Rory has won the US Open (setting a scoring record), and won the PGA Championship (setting a scoring record).  He is the #1 player in the world.  He is in contention in almost every tournament he plays in, and he is a big game hunter (Big Game Hunter is what I call the guys who are really only judging their year/carrer by how many Major Championships they win).  If Rory can keep up the pace he is currently on, by the time he is Tiger’s age he will have won 15 majors (I think my math is correct).  I know what you are thinking, we are getting ahead of our selves.  Rory has not dominated the field like Tiger did in his early twenties.  But Rory has dominated, he has also been human at times as well with the occasional missed cut or really awful round.  Well awful for Rory or Tiger dreamy for the rest of us.

Tiger Woods is still this generations best golfer, and Rory will have a lot to accomplish before he is thought of as in the same league as Tiger.  He is on track to be in the TW class.  I believe that Rory has given Tiger new life as well.  Not only is Rory chasing down Mr. Woods, Tiger is also gotten back into the competitive saddle so he can stay out in front of Rory.  He does have a huge head start, but the kid is playing great, and I for one cannot wait until the 2013 PGA Tour Season to see what just might happen.

Chicago Golf Guy’s hot tip: 
Check out this YouTube video of the could bes for the PGA Tour 2012 Player of the Year…anyone notice TW in the preview…

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