The Chicago Bears: One City One Team!

The Chicago Bears are the monsters of the midway, the pride of Chicago, and the one team that everyone in Chicago has and will always get behind.  There will always be Cubs fans and Sox fans, and we are a city that is torn by its baseball teams.  The Bulls are great but not everyone is a fan of basketball (not including the Bulls in the 90’s and the hay day of MJ) .  The same problem lies with the Hawks, hockey is not always the most popular sport.

But football, no one can deny football, and no person from the city of Chicago or its surrounding suburbs will ever be a fan of another football team.  The Bears are the pride of Chicago, and we love them win or lose.

If you are new to Chicago then you need to be aware of two essential Bears songs: the Bears fight song “Bear Down”, and the “Super Bowl Shuffle”.  Know these two songs and you can always impress any Chicago Bears fan.

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