What will we see during the Saturday Fourball matches?

I think there are a few key points for team USA this afternoon at the 2012 Ryder Cup.  Captain Davis

  1. Will Keegan Bradley and Phil Mickelson play the afternoon match?  I think that Phil and Keegan are a freaking whirlwind of Ryder Cup enthusiasm and momentum   Who would have thought that Keegan Bradley will be now know as the Sergio Garcia of American Ryder Cuppers.  Keegan has brought a attitude and killer instinct and fun to the US team that is invaluable.  The Phil Keegan dominance is unheard of in professional Ryder Cup matches in the last 25 years, the problem is that if Keegan and Phil were to loose an afternoon match it would really kill the USA momentum   I can hear Jose speaking to his team tonight before the singles matches that Keegan and Phil are not unbeatable, and we can come back and win this thing.  The other side of the coin, it could very well be a dagger in the European Union if Keegan and Phil go out and man handle another big European team.  I just want to throw this out there, if Seve and Jose are the Spanish Armada, what can we call the Phil Keegan DUO???? I am leaving it up to the readers.
  2. Will we see Tiger Woods with a new partner? The days of Sticker and Tiger might not be over, but I think that both players need a new partner to change up the mojo.  I would love to see Tiger Woods play with Jason Dufner.  Duff is playing great, him and Tiger get along great, and the two are a good pair.  Both players are not super talkative, and I think they will complement one another.  Dufner is not going to jump around and slapping Tiger’s bottom (like a Phil and Keegan team), and that is what both players need.  They can play their own game, and get pumped up, but they will not get in each others way.  I really hope we see Tiger with a new partner, and I hope that partner is Dufner.
  3. Will the Irish Connection step it up a notch or be forced apart? With a split for the Northern Irish team of Rory and G-mac and on to another lost point on Saturday morning, will Jose keep the two Irishmen together or will we see Rory with another partner?  I can’t imagine sitting the world #1 and arguably one of the hottest players right now, but if hes not playing well should he sit this afternoon?  All I know is that if the European team wants to switch this momentum the Rory G-mac train needs to go all IRA on the Americans or else no singles match magic will be able save Team Europe.

I think that these three little points are going to be very much a part in the decision of the two Ryder Cup Captains.  I cannot begin to guess what will happen in about an hour, but I am excited about this Ryder Cup, and I am glad that the Americans are playing so well.

Go Team USA #13th Man seems to be stepping it up in Chicago.

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