Round 2 Recap: 2012 Wyndham Championship

The scores just keep getting lower at the Wyndham Championship.  61 is the current course record and was tied yesterday with a red hot round from lumpy Tim Herron.  Tim opened with a 76 and being outside the top 125 was close to his 2012 season coming to an end.  But enter Tim Herron 2.0 on day two with a 61.  Who goes from 76 to 61?  That is the largest stroke difference between two rounds on the PGA Tour this year.

Carl Petterson follows up his 62 with a solid 68 to leave him in a T3 position and a few shots off of the lead.  Tim Clark is also at -10 under par even with his college roommate CP.  Webb Simpson the defending champion of the 2011 Wyndham Championship makes a move a little earlier than Saturday with a crowd pleasing 63 on Friday.  Webb’s 63 moves him into the last group on Saturday and only one shot behind Jimmy Walker who fired a second round 62.  Who the heck is Jimmy Walker?  Well he is 55th on the FedEx point list, he has won over a $1,000,000 on the PGA Tour this year, and he has 3 top ten finishes.  With a win this week it would turn a very good solid unsung hero into a PGA Tour winner and a heck of a hot streak to be entering the post season.

Chicago Golf Guy Hot Tip:
Why are the guys on tour playing so well at Sedgefield Country Club?  Is it the last ditch effort of a a do or die mentality that they must make the playoffs or in some players case make a move to win the playoffs?  Does the course set up easy?  It is not short by PGA Tour standards.  So why is everyone shooting these insanely low scores.  I don’t have the answer but would love some comments if you have any ideas???

Speaking of low scores Sergio Garcia comes out swingin this week with rounds of 67 and 63.  The European team has not been finalized and el nino is just outside of guaranteeing himself a spot on this years European Ryder Cup team.  I cannot even think of what a Ryder Cup would be like with out Sergio (besides what 2010 was like).  This is a man that out of 16 matches from 98-06 only gave up one loss.  However this is the same Sergio who didn’t win one point for Europe in the 08 Ryder Cup.  So I guess it depends on which Sergio shows up, the young Sergio who was full of confidence and loved the game, or the older Sergio who was/is a little bitter.  I would love for Sergio to get back to his old ways of enjoying the game of golf and kicking some of the best players in the butt as he flew past them in a whirlwind.

The sad story of the week?  Gary Woodland has a 7 foot putt for par to make the cut.  Play is halted because of bad play and Gary has to wait and tink about his 7 footer for over an hour.  Then he comes out to the 18th green and misses the 7 footer to not make the cut.  Should there be some kind of 5 minute window where players can try to finish up one more shot?  Would Gary have been better off finishing his round right then and there rather than waiting for an hour on one little putt that meant so much?  Not to mention the added pressure that Gary was on the bubble of the FedEx Cup Playoffs and needed a good finish this week to get into golf’s post season.  Pretty wild, and not always fair, man this is a cruel cruel game.

With the scores as low as they have been on the first two days, it is anyones game coming into the weekend.  Who will get hot with the flatstick and who will cool off.  Can Webb defend?  Can Sergio play his way onto Team Europe?  Will Lumpy keep the heat on and continue to go low and win a PGA Event with a 76 opening round?  No matter what happens this week has already proved to be a pretty awesome end to the PGA Tour regular season…and we still have a few days left.

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