Chicago Style Golf – Sponser’s Post:

What is Chicago Style Golf?
Chicago Style Golf is a premier boutique golf shop in down town Chicago.  We are located at 2219 W Grand Ave Chicago, IL 60622.  We are west of the West Loop area in the West Town section of Chicago.  There is plenty of street parking, and we are always happy to valet for you (yes we will offer valet services to our VIP golf guests).  Chicago Style Golf will sell all major name brand golf clubs and many other golf brands that you may not even be aware of.  Chicago Style Golf will also carry boutique hand crafted putters that can be custom fitted to your specifications (don’t worry you don’t have to know your specifications, we can do that for you).  New items are coming into the shop all the time, so stop by and hang out, watch a little golf, grab a cigar, and enjoy golf’s only Chicago independent golf shop. Check out the Chicago Style Golf website at

So why a boutique golf shop? Chicago Style Golf is not like a major retail superstore.  If you are looking for zero personality from your golf clubs, then we are probably not the golf shop for you.  But if you love your clubs, and I mean really love your clubs, then you will want to purchase them from golfers who share your love of the game (and by love we mean obsession).  You will not come in and have 2000 drivers to choose from, in every shaft, flex, length and loft.  What you will find is the most knowledge sales staff, here to serve your every need.  We can fit your clubs to your swing, and your tastes.  No one from Chicago Style Golf will ever push you towards a certain driver or wedge because that company is giving away a special promotion that month.  What you will find is a staff eager to help you improve your game.  If that means re-gripping your old driver, rather than buying a new one, that is what we will recommend.  We can custom fit your clubs to you, and we can special order anything you want.  Our goal is to develop a customer base that feel like they belong at Chicago Style Golf, like they are a member at the most exclusive club in Chicago (and we don’t even have monthly dues).

Speaking of the club house feel,  Chicago Style Golf is a great place to hang out to watch golf, read about golf, argue about golf, or just be surrounded by tens of thousands of dollars of golf stuff that you feel right at home.  When the spouse kicks you out of the house for watching the British Open at 3am, don’t worry we’re open, and ready to watch it with you (you bring the coffee we got plenty of donuts).

But I am on a serious budget, and cannot afford new clubs… Not to worry, Chicago Style Golf also carries used clubs for the golfer looking to tinker with their golf game on a budget.  We buy sell and trade used clubs.  Chicago Style Golf will guarantee the best trade in prices for your golf clubs.  Chicago Style Golf also has bonus days where your clubs will earn you 10%, 25%, %50 and sometimes even DOUBLE Trade in values.  Make sure you sign up for our email or text list to find out when our next big sale is.  Whatever your clubs, we will give you a fair and decent trade in for them, and find them a good home in the future.

Chicago Style Golf also has a state of the art artificial putting green and hitting bay with simulator.  Stop by and try our weekly putting challenge.  Each and every week you can test your self against the staff at Chicago Style Golf and your fellow CSG Members (remember membership is free) to win prizes and coupons from Chicago Style Golf.  Just remember to thank your buddies at Chicago Style Golf if your game improves from all this extra practice you are getting.

At Chicago Style Golf you will find everything that you will need to become a better golfer.  We love golf just as much as you do, come on down to see us and let us show you what golf can be like in Chicago.


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