Round 2 Recap: John Deere Classic

We are half way done at the John Deere Classic, and what a leader board we have cooking up before the weekend.  Troy Matteson is still in the lead after a red hot 61 on Thursday he follows up with a solid 68 day two to get him to -13 going into the weekend.  The problem lies inherit to the ability of a golfer to go wire to wire.  So many times we see a red hot player (and Troy was super nova hot on Thursday) cool off prior to the weekend, and ultimately fall out of the top spot.  So few times does a player go wire to wire.  Maybe it is the fact that you are coasting in rather than chasing someone down.  I imagine in a foot race it would be easier to win from behind while chasing another runner, rather than being the pace setter?

There are also several big namers chasing down our pace setter Troy.  Jeff Maggert is in a close second, and Jeff is a multiple winner on the PGA Tour and he is a steady player.  Jeff is getting up there in age for the PGA Tour, so he has quite a motivation to get out there and get one more victory.  He may not have many of those chances left on the PGA Tour.  (Jeff is the man Stricker needs to beat right now, in my opinion).

Ricky Barnes and Robert Garrigus are also only a few behind Troy.  Ricky is still looking for a big win, and his first win, both could be accomplished this weekend.  Robert is a hell of an athlete, hits the ball a country mile+ (meaning longer than a country mile), but has some putting woes.  I feel for the man, I like to think I have a great all around game, but putting is my nemesis.  Robert has gone from the shortest putter on tour, to one of the longest.  Hopefully he can find the hole with a flat stick and put together some great weekend rounds.  If Robert makes some putts, he is going to be hard to beat.

Where is Sticker in all of this, only 3 shots off the lead at -10 under par.  He is more than in this tournament, and this is basically his tournament to win or lose if you ask the press.  With the leader of the pack only three shots ahead of Steve, he is right in the thick of things.  If he can card a 65 0r 66 on Saturday I believe he will have a great chance of winning on Sunday.  If Steve can go really low on Saturday, he could be the leader after 54.  Either way we are going to be given a chance to see a big part of golf history come Sunday afternoon.  I for one am very excited.

Can Steve go low on Saturday and catapult himself to the top of the leader board? Does he want to be atop the leader board come Sunday, or would he rather want to be chasing down some unlucky victim?

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