Rocketballz! Really, thats the new name Taylormade?

When I first heard about Taylormade coming out with another driver, I figured oh boy here they go again.  My R11 will now be obsolete.  Just like my Super Deep, R5, R7, and several R9’s.  On top of all that Taylormade is going to call it ROCKETBALLZ? Seriously? You have to be fcukigine kidding me right?

That was the Chicago Golf Guy a few weeks ago.  I heard a story from a golf shop owner who heard if from the sales rep, who heard it from the tour rep who heard it from the tour players that Rocketballz was crazy long.  Stupid Long.  So damn long it was beyond all other hype you can come up with (you get the point).  So now I was thinking stupid name, but might be worth trying.  Then I saw the clip on that told the world how they came up with the name Rocketballz.

Check out the video, and you will like the name too.  Cannot wait until I can try my RBZ 3wd, and hybrid.  Happy Hitting.

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