The Nationwide Tour is now the Web.Com Tour

No matter what the name of the PGA Tour’s farm league for aspiring professionals, the players are still some of the best in the world…they just don’t know it yet.  With 16 major winners at one time playing on the Nationwide Tour (or now I guess I should say the Tour), it is a proven system for golfers to hone their skills prior to playing on the PGA Tour.

Plus now with the new Q school requirements, I would venture to guess that all of the PGA Tour rookies, and some older veterans, are going to be playing on the Tour and grinding it out each week to ultimtaly get to or back to the big stage.

Here is a little information about the PGA Tour’s Farm League:


The “satellite tour” was formalized by the PGA Tour in 1990, originally named the Ben Hogan Tour, sponsored by the Ben Hogan Golf Company.[1] The first season of 1990 had 30 events, and the typical event purse was $100,000. After three seasons, Nike acquired the title sponsorship and the tour’s name became the Nike Tour, which held for seven seasons (1993-99). The name was changed again to the Tour for three seasons (2000-02). Naming rights for the tour were purchased by Nationwide Insurance in 2003. In 2007 there were 32 events, one each in Australia, New Zealand, and Panama, with the remainder in the United States. All three countries continue to host events on the tour, played early in the season; Canada and Mexico have been added since 2008, and Colombia hosted an event in March 2010. The events in Australia and New Zealand are co-sanctioned by the PGA Tour of Australasia. Purses in 2010 range from $500,000 to $1,000,000, about one-tenth of the level on the PGA Tour. In June 2012 was announced as the new title sponsor with a 10-year sponsorship deal.


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