The Ultimate Father’s Day Gifts for Dad’s Who Love Golf!

A Father’s Day Gift Guide

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gifts for Dad’s Who Love Golf!

Often it’s hard coming up with new gift ideas for dear-old-dad – especially if he’s the man who has “everything.”  But if your father golfs, you are ahead of the game. There is an endless array of products available that would delight any golf fanatic. The difficult part is deciding which one!

Most golfers are very particular about their clubs, so unless he has hinted about one specifically, clubs may not make the best gift.  As well, giving him a dozen golf balls may not convey: “I’m thinking of you.”

But don’t give up yet. Here are a few ideas in every price range that will make Father’s day special:

1. Animal Head Covers by Daphne’s ($15-30)

Does your dad have a favorite breed of dog or wild animal? Or even a nickname – like Moose or Bear? Why not buy him a stuffed animal head cover. He can join the ranks of the numerous tour pros that carry Daphne’s designs like Ernie Els (Lion), Aaron Baddelly (Koala Bear), Justin Leonard (Yellow Lab) and Tiger Woods (what else– a Tiger).

2. Lessons at Jim McLean’s Golf School ($150/hour)

Most golfers, even professional ones, need lessons. So unless your dad prides himself on being self-taught like Bubba Watson, he’d probably love help perfecting his swing. Why not send him to a renowned golf school like Jim Mclean’s. Located across the country, an hour lesson at McLean’s costs around $150 or splurge and send him for a full day session for around $500.

3. Remote Controlled Golf Carts ($550 and up)

If your dad prefers walking the course rather than riding, what could be better than a remote controlled golf cart to help carry his bag? It’s kind of like having your own caddy.  Amazon sells a wide range of models, ranging from $550 to $2500. Maybe he’ll have so much energy he’ll start playing two rounds a day.

4. A Trip to the Ryder Cup ($2-3K)

If your dad has always talked about seeing a major, why not check it off his bucket list. Send him to the Ryder Cup this September at Medinah. This challenging course has been the site of five major golf tournaments — three US Opens and two PGA Championships. Your dad will get to see 24 of the finest golfers in the world compete.

5. Louis Vuitton Golf Bags ($12K)

Ever buy your mother a designer purse? If so, maybe it’s time for a designer golf bag for your dad. He’ll really make tongues wag on the course when he swings by with a Louis Vuitton.

6. Ferrari Inspired Golf Carts ($20K plus)

Hey, it’s cheaper than the car. Modeled after the Enzo, this flashy red golf cart boasts an electric motor with a top seep of 20 mph, or approximately 9% of the maximum velocity of the real thing. Options include a six person stretched version in case Dad wants to bring the whole family.

7. High Definition Golf Simulators ($40-50K)

If you really want to thank your dad, this may be the ultimate gift. He’ll be able to play anytime he wants, no matter what the time of day or weather. Even the pickiest father will be astounded by the accuracy and realism of a High Definition Golf system. Plus, it can double as a home theater, giving him the ultimate man-cave.


8.  A Trip to the Playboy Golf Outing (1/2 his net worth & an end to your parents marriage)

If you really want to thank your dad, and possibly go with him on a father son golf trip, then we suggest a Playboy Golf outing.  It is a sure fire way to get yourself and your dad in trouble, but we are sure you will both enjoy it while your there.  We are not responsible for any divorices, heads hit with frying pans, or blackmailing done before, during or after your Playboy Golf Outing.

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