Tiger Woods is back! or Tiger Woods is back?

Tiger Woods pulls in the W at the Memorial for his 73rd PGA Tour victory (2nd most of all time) and his second win this season.  There are only three multiple winners this year, and there is typically only a handful of players who get to say they won each year let alone twice.  The old Tiger Woods was a dominating force, then he had his fall from grace.  The TW Empire crumbled, and Tiger was gone for a long time, and when he came back he was a sad older version of himself.  There was no fist pumps, no snapping left knee, no more escalade.  What we got was a lot of swearing, some sh!%y questions from the media, and the occasional putter toss.

So the question of the day… is Tiger Woods back to his old form, or is this just the last spark in what will be one of the greatest playing careers of all time?  The Chicago Golf Guy believes that Tiger Woods is neither back to his old form, and he is not done.  Period.  No one can play like Tiger Woods did in his prime (pre thanksgiving 08), not even Tiger Woods.  He will also win more PGA Tour events, and he will win another Major Tournament. Period.  Those are facts my friends, and if anyone disagrees, then lets please bet the farm on it (disclaimer the Chicago Golf Guy does not have a farm although he secretly would love to be a farmer… chickens, cows, tractors the whole nine yards).

is Tiger Woods back?

My feeling is that Tiger is going to win again.  The question is what records is he going to break?  Will he become the most winningest player on the PGA Tour with 85 victories?  Will he beat Jack’s record of most Major Championships?  Will he win another Vardon Trophy? Will he rise to epic proportions in a Ryder Cup Match?  No one knows for sure what Tiger Woods has left in his career, or when he will stop.  All I know is that for those of you out there who believe that Tiger Woods is done, and no longer has the drive to win anymore.  Check out his chip in this past Sunday (movie at the top of this post).  Notice the fist pumping Tiger Woods of ole extravaganza we get after the shot goes in.  No calm and cool Tiger I don’t give a fudge, but I want to win Im coming to get you watch your back Tiger Woods at the end of the clip.

All in all Tiger Woods is a great golfer, one of the best of all time.  Love him or hate him the world of Golf owes Tiger Woods at debt of gratitude.  We golfers would not have as many courses, as many new players or as many diverse players.  Golf on TV might not be around anymore if it was not for Tiger Woods.  TW made golf cool again.  He made the High School golf team cool to be on, instead of something you only wrote on your college application.

I believe that Tiger Woods will win 5 more Majors, I believe that he will ultimately be atop the most PGA Tour wins list, and I do believe that Tiger Woods is back, but that is just my two cents. (I would also watch out for him next week at the 2012 US Open).

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