What to buy your dad for Fathers Day, and what not to.

The nice thing about being from an all golfing family (at least my immediate family), is the fact that I do not receive crappy golf products for birthdays or holidays.  No green felt bottomed paperweights for my desk, or half pencil/tee product, or a divot repair tool ball marker and something I am not sure what it does with a picture of a random golfer or my initials or a golf course on them for the Chicago Golf Guy (plus I will send it back).  I know its awful to say because a gift is more about the thought than the actual gift… but for the love of the golf gods could you get me something a little nicer.  How about a gift certificate to a golf retailer (no matter where it is I can find something that I like), or possibly a two for one pass at a local golf course, or basically anything that is worth more than a hot $20.  And if you are not going to pick something worth more than just $20 I would be much happier with just a golfing card that says something along the lines of not fore-getting you on your birthday…  At least a card I know you were just thinking about me as a golfer, and my birthday, and that is more than anyone can ask (cause I certainly didn’t ask for this golf towel with a built in brush on it).

So what should you buy that golfer in your family?  Well like I said before, get them a gift certificate from a big golf retailer and a cheesy golf card.  Write something in the card about not wanting to choose their balls for them (if it is a golfing buddy), or if it is for someone special something along the lines of here’s a free pass for golf anytime plus a little something for the effort (trust me the golfer will love the Caddy Shack reference).  The bottom line is that golfers are just like anyone else when it comes to gifts.  Golf is our passion, and it is hard to buy a gift for someones passion.  It is even harder when that passion is so popular that there are literally hundreds of crappy gifts dedicated to

The only cheesy golf gift you should buy…

that passion.  Also throw in the fact that every golfer plays a different game, and plays a different brand of ball (with several different models in each brand) it is almost impossible to buy for that golfer unless you are a golfer, and someone who plays a lot of golfer with the gift receiver.  All in all, stick with the card, and if you insist on buying a gift, go with something universal.  Or you can be totally radical, and ask them what they would like…but no one does that.

Chicago Golf Guys Reminder:
Fathers Day is just around the corner, have you got the father of your golf career something nice for fathers day?  The nice thing is that for the Chicago Golf Guy’s dad I pay for his golf one day, and I try to spend fathers day with him watching the US Open.  Get your dad something nice, because for most of us without him we wouldn’t even play golf.  Just remember that when all else fails, naked lady tees always work well for most dads out there.

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