Golf Boys – Oh Oh Oh: promoting the game of golf, in a goofy way.

Who would have thought that the current Masters Champion, our first two time winner this season on the PGA Tour, one of the most popular players on the PGA Tour (who just won his first tournament on tour), and Ben Crane: would make a video as fun and goofy as the Golf Boys?  I am not sure if the PGA Tour put these young guns up to the challenge of making golf a bigger hit with the younger crowd.  The crowd that watches youtube, and tweets constantly.  Or did the Boys take this upon themselves as a little bit of self promotion or a self deprecating movement to increase the game of golf.

No matter the reasons behind this video, the PGA Tour is better because of it.  With almost 5,000,000 (five million) views on youtube, and the track is available on iTunes, the Golf Boys are not only playing well, they are promoting the game of golf in a fun and exciting way.

Who knows by the end of the year the Golf Boys might have another Major Victory, and I would be willing to bet at least one more PGA Tour victory.

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