Round 3 Recap: 2012 PLAYERS Championship

Kevin Na is our 54 hole leader, and he played a spectacular round of golf.  Kevin made a lot of clutch putts on his way to a -4 under 68 (and the only player to break 70 in all three days of the Players Championship).  My only fear is that Kevin is the new Sergio.  He steps away from the ball more times than this golfer would like to even think about.  Its seems as though Kevin cannot just get up and pull the trigger.  He steps back and forth from the ball like a Fred Astaire dance routine.  When he is ready, he hits quality golf shots, and if he keeps that putter of his hot, then he is going to be tough to beat on Sunday.  However, it does not fair well to be so indecisive prior to hitting every shot, and the crowd does not love a player who takes as long as Kevin.  I wish him the best of luck, but my money is going to be bet elsewhere (sorry Kevin).

I do like Matt Kuchar only being one shot back going into to Mothers Day.  Matt is a seasoned veteran on the PGA Tour, he putts better than anyone with a belly putter, and he plays a simply stellar game that puts him at the top of my list of guys to beat on Sunday at Sawgrass.

The Dread Pirate Fowler…known by his orange pirate flag:

Rickie Fowler (insert mustache joke here…) follows up his first PGA Tour victory with progressively better rounds from Thursday through Saturday.  With his Saturday round being the lowest carded round by two shots and a bogey on the last hole (which means he could have been that much lower).  When Rickie is on, he is on.

The fans love him, the players should start to fear him, and Rickie needs to realize that he is arriving on the PGA Tour not only as a stylish phenom, but a black bearded pirate out looking for buried treasure on the 72nd hole week in and week out…sorry couldn’t help myself.  My advice to the PGA Tour players.  Lock up your daughters, lock up your valuables, and you better to be ready to put on a show, cause the dread pirate Fowler is coming into harbor hungry after his first taste of PGA Tour booty.

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