When should you change your grips?

As a golfer when do you know its time to change your grips?  The folks over at the major retail spots will tell you once a year, or every xx rounds.  I however think that you can go a few seasons with the same grips on your clubs as long as you take care of your grips, and you do not have some kind of grip flaw (meaning your grip is too tight and your are wearing the grips down on the right hand more than the left).

With all that being said, I am going to go over the dangers with changing your grips.  New grips can make you feel like you have a new set of clubs.  For some of us that is great news, for others that is something to be scared of.  How do you pick the right grip? Can I get away with a bright pink grip?  Do I want midsize, standard or oversize? Should I pay someone to put the grips on or should I do it myself (how do I put them on if I so choose to do so)?  Unfortunately for both of us, I do not have the answers to theses questions for you.  I know how I would answer them, but these questions are very personal to taste, style and player ability.  I do have a few tips that may help you when you are contemplating new grips:

  1. Do not change all your grips at once.  Chose your favorite one or two clubs, and change those grips.  There is nothing worse then spending a few dollars on new grips only to hate those grips after all of your clubs are changed.
  2. If you have never changed grips before, let a professional do it.  You can get hurt, the grips can get ruined and you may or may not throw a club while in your garage.  Plus most places will change your grips for $2 or $3 dollars so your not spending a ton to have someone else change those grips for you.
  3. Try your friends new grips.  When playing check out your playing partners grips if they are aesthetically pleasing for you.  No other easier way than to check out someone elses new clubs to see if they may be a fit for you.
  4. When all else fails go to the big retailers and tryout the grip on the sample stick in the grip display.  Typically there is a grip installed on a half shaft that will give you an idea about what the grip would feel like on your clubs.  Not a perfect situation, but its the best we have so far.

Changing your grips is a great way to get a new feel for those deathsticks in your bag of golf tricks.  I personally like to change the grips on my irons when I want a new look and feel for my babies.  New grips are an easy way to hide from your bad play.

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