Round 2 Recap: 2012 Wells Fargo Championship

Knock Knock…Who’s There?…Nick Watney…Nick Watney Who???  I apologize for the video above of the so called highlights from the second round of the Wells Fargo Championship.  Apparently winning 4 times on the PGA Tour (including twice last year), being ranked 25th in the world, and shooting the low round of the tournament so far does not qualify for the highlight reel.  Oh yeah did I forget to mention that he is leading the tournament by one of Webb Simpson? Lets take the top 6 players on the leader board.  Nick Watney, Webb Simpson, Ben Crane, DA Points, John Senden, all recognizable names, all top players, and all skipped in the high light video.

My whole point on the lack of spreading the love when it comes to golf is the fact that its detrimental to the game itself.  I love golf, and I love Phil Mickelson, and Tiger Woods but golf does not revolve around those two players.  Yes they are the biggest players in golf (if you ask the media), but some day those two are going to stop playing (and that day is not far off), and where will golf be then?  Why not showcase guys like Nick Watney, and Webb Simpson, and show more of Rory McIlroy (he is world #2 or #1 depending on the week).  How about Rickie Fowler, he is close to breaking through with his first win, but the media just keeps shoving Tiger and Phil on us.

I apologize for the golf rant on the lack of exposure for the best players in the world who are not Tiger or Phil.  However, if we as fans do not speak up then golf as we know it may not exist.  We need to find replacements for golf’s big names, and those players are out there, we just don’t get to see them.

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