Masters Fantasy League 3rd Update:

Here are the totals after three rounds, and we have a tie for first place at -14 under par:

Click here to see the full PDF file of the 2012 Masters Fantasy League brought to you by and me the Chicago Golf Guy…
2012 Masters Fantasy League – Sheet1(3)

RLhook                            N/A
Gordon Black                  +10
Brian McGrath                -2
John Streker                    -10
Mike Harris                      -5
Alex Wright                      -2
Todd Trunks                    -2
Keith Yabuta                    -8
Libs911                              -14
David Z.                            -9
Ken Kaulen                      -8
Bert Kaulen                     +5
Ken Kaulen Sr.                -3
Walter F.                          -7
Alex S.                              -14

Please email Ken from if you have any questions about the scoring, and be sure to contact me if there is a mistake on the sheet.  I am good but maht is not my strong point, splleing is)

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