Round 3 Recap: 2012 Cadillac Championship

Round three of the WGC Cadillac Championship is in the books and the left hander Bubba Watson is still in the lead with a commanding 3 shot lead.  I am willing to go out on a limb here, with the way that Bubba is playing, and his experience as a multiple winner already on the PGA Tour, he will be our winner short of  someone coming up with a 61 or 62 on Sunday.  That’s not to say that the WGC is al wrapped up Bubba, but someone is going to have to catch him.  If he plays the way that he has played in round 2 and 3, its going to take a really low round to knock him out.

I will be pulling for Bubba on Sunday.  Even though it freaks me out a little bit to play with lefties, I like watching Bubba play.  He is what I like to call a banger or a beater.  He is the ultimate feel player.  How many pros get out there and bang a driver from basically anywhere and get away with it.  Hits huge slices and hooks, and playes them so well.  Bubba makes golf exciting, and he connects with the younger crowd of golfers by tweeting on steroids (he has over 250,000 followers and if you don’t know what that is your too old for twitter).  Oh yeah… and he has a pink shafted driver.  But who can make fun of a guy who hits his pink driver 350+?

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