Round 3 Recap: 2012 Honda Classic

I am excited to sit and watch golf on TV tomorrow.  After a long weekend of work, the Chicago Golf Guy is ready to lay back and watch Rory McIlroy have a very solid chance to become the world #1.  I firmly believe that Rory becoming the world #1 is good for the game of golf.  Why o Why would I want my boy Luke Donald knocked off the throne of top golfer in the world?  Because golf needs a new savoir.  Lets face it, Tiger Woods is not the player he was five years ago, and he is not going to become the dominant force that he once was.  He is going to win a few  more times, and we have not seen the last of Tiger Woods TV show, but we need some new blood.  And McIlroy is the kick in the pants that Golf needs to get more players on the golf course.

I do love Tiger Woods, and I really hope he can make a run at Jack’s record in the Majors and Sam Snead’s most PGA Tour Victories.  But I am excited for Rory to take over as the world #1 and shake up the golf world a little bit.  Although, if I can’t have Rory win this week, and take over as golf’s new top dog… it would be nice to see a journeyman like Tom Gillis win.  I think its a long shot, but I’m a sucker for the under dog.

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