My newest obsesion on eBay:

Hello my name is Chicago Golf Guy and I’m addicted to buying golf clubs and accessories on eBay… It’s true, I have an addiction.  My addiction has become so bad that I now have items sent to my PO Box, so that Mrs. Chicago Golf Guy does not find out about packages being delivered to the house.  When I do have items sent to the house, I have the mail man leave it inside the door, and give me a secret knock so that I can sneak out and retrieve my newest putter or head cover from eBay.  You would be surprised how easily public servants can be bought.  He didn’t even ask me what was in the boxes, although I am sure he would be surprised to find out that these secret packages are putters, and head covers.

Now that you know about my addiction I am free to tell you about my newest fix.  Scotty Cameron limited edition putter covers.  I know what you are thinking, who would pay $xxx for a putter cover, are you stupid or something… nope I just have a problem.  Scotty Cameron comes out with roughly 15-18 limited edition putter covers each year.  He makes some for Christmas, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, they have them for each Major, as well as just some fun covers.  Cameron only makes about 1000 or so per cover, and they typically sell out to Cameron Club Members within minutes of going up on the site.  So whats the big deal, they are limited, they are putter covers, and they are cool.  I guess I have always been a fan of goofy head covers, and I love my putter like a first born child.  For something that I love so much, my question is not why should I have such a fancy putter cover, but why do I only have three? (Don’t worry I have more coming in the mail).

Check out the Scotty Cameron website to see an archive of SC Limited Covers…

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