Scotty Cameron NEW Putter Line Coming Soon – Select:

Only a man like Scotty Cameron and Titleist can come up with a putter line called select.  Not studio select just straight up Scotty Cameron Select.  Like you got picked first in Gym Class, date the head cheerleader, played varsity from the time you were in 8th grade, no that’s my car not my dad’s cream of the crop top of the class select group of cool kids.  YES. Scotty Cameron Select.



Decades of work have come down to this. Design. Craftsmanship. Performance. Scotty’s Select line pulls his entire putter-making career into focus, as he unveils his new fine milled creations that encompass the design aesthetics developed over a lifetime of putter making.

The new Select putters are dark, bold and mysterious. Sleeker and more alluring in every way.  Embodying the excitement of a new racing machine, finely tuned handcrafted instrument or luxury timepiece, the Select line is playable art, made for the golfer with impeccable taste. With Select, he created his most modern putters to date, adding yet another creative expression of timeless character and performance—the foundation upon which his brand has been built.

Precision milled from billets of stainless steel with Tour-proven deep face milling, meticulously finished in elegant Black Mist, and designed for weight changing and personalization in the Scotty Cameron Custom Shop, Scotty introduces you to Select. Made to inspire confidence and success in your game every putt, every round. Scotty Cameron—Made to Play.™

If these putters are even half as cool as they look online, then I can imagine seeing loads of these in peoples hands at the beginning of the season. is already taking pre-orders on select models for shipments coming April 1st (I will be crushed if this is some kind of elaborate golf hoax), and I am currently trying to lock mine down from my secret source.  Good luck everyone, but these putters are smooth as silk, and prettier than anything I have ever encountered before.

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