Do rule breakers get what they deserve?

After watching Rory brush off some sand on the fringe of the green in Dubai and incurring a 2 shot penalty (he lost the tournament by one shot), it reminding me of how painful this game can be.  Most current golfers remember Dustin Johnson’s mishap on the 18 hole at Whistling Straights, where he ground his club in a “fairway bunker” and received a 2 shot penalty.  After two putting on the green, thinking he had got himself into a playoff for the PGA Championship, a PGA rules official came on to the green to let him know about his penalty and ultimately that he had lost the tournament.  When a player makes a mistake, and losses a tournament, whose to blame?  The player, the caddy, the stupid rules official, the TV cameraman, the hot blonde behind the green that distracted him…. the list goes on.

Golf is a cruel mistress, but at least there was someone to stop these players from signing a bad score card.  Lets all just take a moment to remember Roberto de Vicenzo and how he signed the wrong score card (for a higher score even) and not only lost the Masters, but was DQed.  Meaning no trophy, no money, no invite back for next year.  I guess you really have to believe in the cliche, it could always be worse… well maybe not for Roberto.  The rules of golf are complicated, and can sometimes work to your advantage.  Other times though you are just out of luck.

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