Tiger Woods co-leader after day 3 at the Abu Dhabi Golf Tournament.

Ive said it once and I will say it again.  I do love to see Tiger Woods play well.  I firmly believe that Tiger Woods is out of the Woods (long pause for pun to be intended), and will shortly be back on top.  Well… not on top as in the world #1 again.  BUT I do believe that he will be back in the top 5 soon.  I heard on the Golf Channel this morning, while watching his stellar 66 on Saturday, that if he wins the Abu Dhabi, and a few other players fall in certain places he can move up the world standings to #11.  Thats twice as good as the world #1!

All joking aside, it is great to see Tiger play well.  He now plays with a little more class, he is definitely more humble, and I think he is mentally prepared to get back to his A game.  Look out Majors because Tiger Woods is back.

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