Are you a Golf Bootlegger?

I recently read a golf blog post about a players nature to sneak beer or alcohol onto the golf course.  I have never been a big drinker on the golf course, and whenever I have partaken in a bit of peer pressure social drinking it is typically on a golf course where I paid $5 to walk and we are playing to hang out and drink rather than golf.

With that being said, how many of you out there have piled a few beers or a fifth into your bag to make your day go a little easier (or at least the beer cart girls tab to stay a touch lower)?  I do enjoy the sticking it to the man mentality, and everyone in Chicago loves a bit of the hooch.  I am all for the guys and gals that want to save a few bucks, and get that feeling of rebellion by sneaking a few on the back nine.  Just remember to keep an extra $20 in your bag next to your beers, just  in case you need to grease a few palms if you get caught.

I love this picture of the IDR guys busting open some liquor casks.  Do you think they get paid over time to play a little golf, to improve on their barrel breaking swings?

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