Links & Tees Golf Range/Dome Addison, IL

Links & Tees golf range is located on Lake street in Addison.  There is ample parking and a huge revolving door (which makes it so much easier to get your clubs in and out).  There is a full range open during the season, but I have never been to Links & Tees in the season.  I have however been to their dome.  And its a nice dome.

I really like the fact that you pay by time rather than per bucket of balls at the Links & Tees Dome.  $12 per half hour, and it goes up from there.  You can literally machine gun balls out there, for 30 minutes and doesn’t cost you any more than the $12 bucks.  With the timed aspect you feel less pressure when practicing and that can only mean a better practice session when you are more comfortable.  The range has a two tier hitting bay area (top and bottom), with roughly 80-90 spots for golfers (I’m eyeballing that estimate).  I went on a day were players could play real golf, so I had my pick of spots.  There is two mats to hit off of: one with a nice plastic tee for woods and some rough to hit off of, and two the mat you regularly stand on which is great for tight lies.  The dome is only 83 yards deep, which does make it a little tough to see the ball flight of your longer irons.  BUT there are some bullseyes to aim at, and they do make a ton of noise when you hit them.  There is also three greens to hit at as well, each one roughly 43-80 yards out.  I really enjoyed hitting some half wedges, and with the new Wilson Staff range balls they do check up on the greens and give you a very realistic feel.

All in all I really liked the range at Links & Tees.  The staff was friendly, and the range is great for the winter blues.  There is also a chipping area, and the putting green is a solid 8 out of 10.  Be careful though, in full winter golf mode this place gets packed.  I went with my dad and brother last year, and we had to share one hitting bay because the place was packed.  Again another bonus with the timed practice because three guys could split an hour for like $5-7 bucks each.  Practicing with friends is great when you make up little games like who can hit the bullseye in the center with a 7 iron, and who can hit a 4 iron chip to the 43 yard flag.  Making practice fun, definitely makes for a better golfer.  When in town, I would definitely hit the Links & Tees range up again.

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