The Ryder Cup Playing Captain…should we try it again in 2016?


Wait you can play and be the Captain? Most teams have a captain on the field: The Blackhawks have Jonathan Toews (who loves golf), the Bears have Lance Briggs on defense, and some guy named Jay when we attempt to play offense. So why not a playing captain on the Ryder Cup?

The Ryder Cup is a little different than a Blackhawks game. Toews does not pick what lines go out, or which lines will match up well with the opposing team. The Ryder Cup Captain is responsible for all team mates and the matches, picking the last members of the team, and ultimately the Hero or the Goat of the team. But why not give it a shot??? We haven’t done very well in the past 15 years, and certainly couldn’t do worse… so why not.ryder cup facts2

Arnold Palmer was the last US Ryder Cup playing captain in 1963.  The 15th Ryder Cup Matches were held October 11–13, 1963 at the Atlanta Athletic Club, at the site now known as East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, Georgia. The United States team won the competition by a score of 23 to 9 points. The U.S. did not lose a single match in the afternoon sessions.
from Wikipedia

Not too bad for a guy playing in his second Ryder Cup and 23-9 is an ass kicking, which is what the American’s would like to do to the next European team.

So who would we pick for a playing Captain?  
I believe there is only one choice.  Typically the Americans have picked a 40 something player who has at least one Major victory and Ryder Cup experience.  Think David Toms, 40 something with a PGA Championship win, and played in a handful of Ryder Cups (probably the guy who got passed over for Tom Watson when Ted Bishop changed the rules, but I digress…)  Phil Mickelson would be the next logical choice given the normal Captaincy requirements.  He is in his 40’s, he has plenty of Major Victories, and he is the American’s most experienced Ryder Cup player.  Plus he’s Phil freaking Mickelson.

Phil would be a great playing Captain.  He has plenty of game to play with the world’s best, and he will more than likely qualify on his own.  The younger players look up to him.  The older players respect him as a hardened competitor.  He is the second most winnigest player in our generation next to Tiger Woods.  He went toe to toe with the media saying that Tom might not have been the right choice. He even took the blame for the American’s loss at Glen Eagles.  Who else would we want to be the Ryder Cup Captain?

I hope the PGA of America and the Ryder Cup Committee take this into consideration.  How else can we win a Ryder Cup if the Captain is not able to get in the fight and get his hands a little dirty.  Id love to see Phil the Thrill knock heads with Team Europe while Bones (an assistant Capt for sure) gets on the Walkie to find out how el Tigre is doing in the match behind him.  #Phil~4~2016



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