Whats wrong with the American Ryder Cup Team?


Whats wrong with the American Ryder Cup Team?
This seems to still be a pertinent subject even 4+ months after the American Team lost the Ryder Cup…again.  But why do we always seem to loose?  I have watched every Ryder cup since the mid 90’s and I am sad to say that I can vividly remember the two we have won… TWO… Seriously there are only two? 1999 and 2008?

Did Ben Crenshaw and Paul Azinger have some kind of secret formula that made winning possible? Was the 99 and 08 US teams that much better than the others?  Maybe its Tiger Woods? I know, lets form a committee on why the Americans cannot win, and hopefully after making a Pro’s and Con’s list we can formulate a plan for Hazletine in 2016? After all, committees and sub committees have worked for almost 200 years in congress, so thats a thing right?  Form a committee, and BAM #USARyderCupVitctory #REDWHITE&BLUE2016

Committee or No Committee I have a theory on why we will always be the underdog in the Ryder Cup: MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIPS!  American Players have always coveted Major Championship Weekends, rather than one weekend in September every other year.

Think about it:  Who are the people we think of when we think of the Ryder Cup?  What are the faces that come to mind? My bet is you came up with a list that looks like this:

  • Colin Montgomery
  • Seve Ballesteros
  • Sergio Garcia
  • Ian Poulter

Needless to say not one American Player comes to mind when we think of the Ryder Cup, and besides Seve, not one of those players has a Major Championship.  My point being? European players put more emphasis on the Ryder Cup, and are comfortable being known for the Ryder Cup.

As soon as American Players put more emphasis on Team USA rather than the Masters, the US Open, the OPEN Championship, and the PGA Championship, I think it is save to say that the Ryder Cup committee can just go ahead and pick a captain and hope that  Team Europe decides to throw us a bone in 2016.  OR convince the US players that a Ryder Cup is as important on their resume as a Major.

I will always watch the Ryder Cup, and I will never stop believing that we can win, but in all honesty Team USA has as much chance to win the Ryder Cup as the Cubs have of winning a World Series… maybe next year guys…


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