The Open Championship 2013 ~ Phil’s finest final round to date


When asked how it felt to win the thrid leg of the Grand Slam of golf…Phil’s response: If six runner ups counted as a win, Id have all four won.

That is Phil in a nutshell, pulling off the great shots, when he needs to is why he has so many wins and now a 5th Major. Phil is already a hall of fame golfer, and he is now on the elite list of players who have won all but one of the three major championships. Sam Snead is the only other player who is as successful as Phil Mickelson, and he too could not win the US Open. Sam had his heart breaks at the US Open, just not quite as many as Phil.

But would Phil have won if he had not come so close at Merion only a month ago? No one but Phil can answer that question, and I am not sure even he could tell us the absolute answer. Whats the old saying, if something does not kill us it only make us stronger. I think Phil is a great champion, and he deserves nothing but the best.  I still have hope that we can see Phil take home the US Open Trophy next year at Pinehurst, or maybe we have to wait until 2015 to see Phil win…maybe Phil becomes the oldest Major Champion.  Only time will tell, but if this is the last tournament Phil ever won, it would be one hell of a final round.

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