Tiger Woods assed a two shot penalty for improper drop:

The Masters - Round Two

Tiger Woods his the flag on the 15th hole and the ball ricocheted into the water.  As every player knows he has the right to take a drop and a penalty stroke.  Tiger took a drop and thanks to a loyal golf patron out in TV land the rules committee was made aware that Tiger took an improper drop.  Of course this was after Tiger signed his score card and posted his -3 under 36 hole total.

Now comes the controversy.  Tiger signed an incorrect scorecard because he should have dropped closer to his original hitting position.  Only because of TIVO and HD television are we allowed to scrutinize tour players and their decisions made on the golf course.  I am a big advocate of the rules of golf, I do not want bifurcation and I love that I play the same rules with my buddies as the tour pros play on TV.

However, I do not believe that someone should be able to call in and call a rules infringement on a tour player.  How is this possible?  Can you call Wrigley Field and say I checked my Tivo and that third pitch in the first inning was really a ball…OK?!  I am not even sure there is a phone number that you can call to speak to someone from Wrigley.  Why is it that someone from TV land can call in and call a rules infringement on a tour player.

Now it seems to me that upon review of a highlight reel the rule was asses to Tiger.  The bad part is if Tiger hadn’t hit the flag and that caused the ball to go into the water, then no one would have noticed his “bad drop” and he would still be -3 under par.

The bottom line for me is if the Masters Rules Committee says that they are asses a two shot penalty to a player, and it falls under the rules of golf (rule 33-7) then why is everyone asking Tiger to remove himself from the tournament.

I think it would be the worse thing for golf if Tiger DQed himself, and I hope that the media can get past this soon and Tiger can overcome another hurddle and win the 2013 Masters.

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