Nike’s big golf announcment this morning.


Nike Golf will make an announcement about the world #1 golfer and his switch to Nike Golf.  Non one doubts that Nike is going to announce that Rory will be the new face of Nike Golf, but how will the announcement be made?  Will Nike have a new commercial with Rory and Tiger, will Rory come out to a remix of Hello World?  Will Nike even push the Tiger Rory relationship?  Will we see just all Rory for the future of Nike Golf, or a share in the power struggle of Tiger and Rory?

Only time will tell how Rory and Tiger are going to share the spot light of Nike Golf.  We might see Rory and Tiger continue to be good friends while they tease one another about their competitiveness… or we might see a 180* switch and see golfs biggest stars become the next Palmer and Nickalus?

All I know is that Nike is very quickly becoming the dominant force in Golf, and I love when companies and people shake the golf tree of conservatism.  We shall see what happens at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship this morning 1/14/13



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