Where would you choose to play golf if you had one day left on planet earth?

This is one of those fun questions where people can talk about what they would do before they die, or who would you have dinner with if you could have dinner with anyone in the world past present or future.  I know as a die hard golfer that if I had one day left to live I would choose to play golf, and the question of the day would be where would you choose to play.  Now this question is much more fun if we can choose anywhere to play.  Such as Augusta National, Cypress Point, Seminole, Butler National and countless other super premier private clubs that the normal golfer (Chicago Golf Guy included) rarely gets the chance to play.  If you had one day left on this planet where would you choose to play.

***Send me your five picks in a comment and you could win!***

Here are the top five places I would choose:

  1. Chicago Golf Club –  I used to work there when I was a kid, and there was nothing better than playing there on a Monday all by myself.  One of my favorite golf courses of all time.  Worked there from 96-98 and loved every minute of if.
  2. Augusta National – No one needs a reason to choose the home of the Masters for your last day on earth.
  3. Bushwood – I would love to spend my last day on earth yelling at Judge Smails, cruising in the cart with Lacey Underall, and trying to figure out where one of Tye’s lumber yards are.  Plus I could get in a little night putting with the 19 year old daughter of the dean.
  4. St. Andrews Golf Club – I would love to spend my last day on earth at the place where golf was born.  Plus I have a tendency to hit my driver everywhere, and a links style course doesn’t sound to bad for that.
  5. Riviera Country Club –  To live and die in LA.  I am a big fan of the California surfer lifestyle, and I love the course at Rivera.  Not a bad way to spend an afternoon, even if it is your last.

These are just my top five golf  courses that I would chose to play if I only had one day left to live.

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