Who will be partners at the 2012 Ryder Cup for Team USA?

Unfortunately for us in the golf world, we do not know who is going to play with whom this weekend.  Fourballs, Foursomes and singles matches, only the captains know for sure, but I have a few ideas:

  1. Bubba Watson and Webb Simpson: I believe that these two will absolutely be partners come Friday and Saturday.  Bubba needs a playing partner who is fun and will not get too down on himself.  I find that every time I see Webb on TV he is smiling, and that is just what Bubba needs.  A partner who is going to stay positive, be emotional with him, but not let him get down on himself.  Even though Webb is a rookie Ryder Cupper he is the US Open Champion, and who better to partner the current Masters Champ than with the current US Open champ.  Team USA.  On a side note, Webb and Bubba are both heavy hitting Christians, and are both very outspoken about being so.  I believe that their similar beliefs will also benefit them as partners.
  2. Phil Mickelson and Keegan Bradley: This is a no brainier.  Phil loves Keegan, Keegan respects Phil, and they play a ton of practice rounds together.  The word on the street is that when they are practicing with one another there is a little wager bet here or there, which means these two are comfortable playing with one another.  They trust one another, and I think they compliment one another.  If Keegan and Phil are not paired together at least once, I think the entire golf world would be surprised.
  3. Dustin Johnson and Matt Kuchar: DJ needs a solid partner.  His Ryder Cup experience, and Walker Cup for that matter, has been slow moving.  DJ has not played well in the past in these team matches, and he needs a partner that can help keep him grounded.  Matt Kuchar is a great guy to match up with DJ.  Matt is the mild mannered down to earth easy going guy, that will get along great with DJ, and they compliment one anothers games.  Medinah is a hitters course, and that is DJ’s kind of course, put him with Kuch and we will see some easy going American points won on Friday and Saturday (which is where we normally get killed).
  4. Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker:  This is an old pairing, and one that will probably take place at some point on Friday or Saturday.  Tiger and Steve get along really well, they have no trouble playing one anothers golf ball, and they can ham and egg it pretty well.  The other huge factor that everyone forgets about when playing with Tiger Woods is the crowds.  People follow TW like his is the pied piper on a golf course, and that can distract other players.  Sticker has no problem with the additional spot light.  We will see at least one match with TW and Stricks, and I am hoping it is against one of the big Euro teams like G-mac Rory or Westwood Donald.
  5. Jim Furyk and Brandt Snedecker: Jim is a veteran, and Brandt is a rook, but they are both great players, and have very good years.  Well Brandt had a great year, and Jim was a few shots short of a fantastic year.  I think the hot Brandt Snedecker would be good for Jim Furyk.  Plus Jim can be Brandt’s soothing voice when the rookie nerves kick in.  After all Jim Furyk is a major champ and FedEx Cup winner himself, he is a good guy to put Sneds with.
  6. Tiger Woods and any Rookie:  I would love to see Tiger Woods change it up and play with someone totally new and very different from his norm.  Maybe a DJ or a Jason Duffner, or a Kuchar or Brandt Snedecker.  Tiger needs to open up a little bit and play with some new guys.  If the US wants to beat the Euro’s during the partner matches we need to take some drastic measure and TW is a great guy to really change up the rules.

I have no idea what will be the matches or team partners (which by the way gets announced today at 5pm) but I know no matter which teams play against one another or who plays with whom, I know that the Ryder Cup at Medinah is going to be the standard to which every other Ryder Cup is compared to in the future.  I think that this year the teams are the most charismatic, and the most hype that we have seen from a Ryder Cup in many years.  Can’t wait until the Ryder Cup gets started.

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