PGA Championship Fantasy Game: Guranteed $1000 1st place prize…sign up today!


PGA Championship Scoreboard
Be like Keegan in 2011 and see your name on top of the leaderboard… for the PGA Championship Pick 6 game on golfmanna!
It’s time to register for the game and win some money!
It’s cheap, fun, easy to play and you can win big bucks!
The overall standings for the cumulative game are here.
The player with the highest earnings in the
four majors combined gets an extra $1,000!
Looking for a simple game with a big payout to make The PGA at Kiawah’s Ocean Course even more special? This is it:
  1. Pick any six golfers and enter the tiebreaker. 
  2. Whoever’s team has the most earnings, wins.
  3. Winner gets $1,000… second place gets $700… we pay the Top 10! 
  4. $9.99 to enter.

It’s that easy. Golfmanna paid out more than $7,500 for the Masters, US Open and British Open games — don’t miss out this time!

Picks for all PGA Championship games can be made starting Monday, August 6.
How To Register
If you’re already playing one of our games (One and Done or another Majors Challenge), just login to golfmanna and click on the ‘account’ link on the top right side of the home page). You can signup from the ‘Sign Up For More Games’ button and don’t have to re-enter registration information.
If you’re already entered, once you’re logged in to golfmanna you can select your team from either the home page or the My Leagues section of the website. If you would like to enter another team, please create a new user/team name and password.
The deadline to make your picks is next Wednesday, August 8!
(actually it’s Aug. 9 at 7:00 a.m. ET — but Wednesday is the safe bet!)


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