Improv Everywhere : The Mini-Golf Open Championship

From Improv Everywhere:
For our latest mission, we turned a mini-golf course into a major golf championship. We surprised random mini-golfers with caddies, commentators, an ESPN camera crew, and a huge crowd. The “winner” was presented with the actual Claret Jug from The Open Championship. We surprised several groups throughout the day, appearing out of nowhere each time.

Chicago Golf Guy’s 2 Cents:
Check out this improv video of what a Major Championship would look like on a Putt Putt course.  It is hilarious, and it sure does look like they are using the real Claret Jug!  I thought this would be something nice to hold you over until we recap the first round of the Open Championship. Check out the Improv Everywhere website for a behind the scence look at the Mini Golf Open Championship.

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