Top 10: US Presidents in Golf

Golfing while in the White House goes hand in hand like the presidential seal on everything from the bathroom to the oval office.  In fact if you walk right out of the oval office doors you will see the putting green installed by Dwight Eisenhower.  Ike really made golf popular for the presidents.  He was a member at Augusta, and good friends with Bobby Jones.  He was a golfing nut, and the American public loved him for it.  Ike took golf in a whole new direction, and made it more accesable to the general public.

However it is a little odd that the best golfing president wanted to keep in on the low down, to distance himself from his predecessor.  I am also not surprised that slick willy was the only president to improve his golfing handicap while in office.

Every golfer from the president down to the bluest of blue collar workers know that golf is a game of the people.  More business is done on the golf course, than at any other sporting event or social activity (short of just drinking).  This just goes to show that the world’s leaders like to get some work done and have an excuse to play around a little bit while doing so.


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