Webb Simpson Wins the US Open – Fan Video Bombs Acceptance Speech

Come on you guys didn’t think that I would forget about this bozo running out in front of the TV cameras while Webb is telling us and Bob Costas about his three birdies in a row.  Only to have this nit wit run out and start doing bird calls?  Is he a bird activist?  Was he just really excited to comment on Webbs birdie barrage? Did he have one to many Hard Arnold Palmers while watching those final groups come in.  Only the USGA, the SFPD, and bird call man knows for sure.

I did like how Webb’s response was “enjoy the jail cell pal”, and then went right back to telling his story.  It is a shame and a little scarey that someone could get that close, I mean what if that guy had a something more in mind than just bird calls.  Maybe the USGA should step up the security a little more.

sic semper tyrannis

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