Top 10: Best Players Never to Win the U.S Open

Its US Open week so that means we get to reflect on the best players never to have won a US Open.  None of these guys on this list surprise me, I was a little surprised on the order, but thats life.  Who do you think the best player to never have won a US Open is right now?  Dustin Johnson, Rickie Fowler, Ben Crane, Jason Dufner, countless others???? This is always a fun question, and it always comes up just prior to any major championship. Check out the US Open official website for a flyby of each hole.

Do you want to experience the US Open?  Just missed qualifying this year?  Have you played on the World Golf Tour?
I was lukcy enough to learn about the World Golf Tour from a publicist about 7 or 8 years ago.  At that time the World Golf Tour was in beta testing, and boy it was fun now, and it is even more fun now.  Now you can play a virtuial US Open.  Yep.  You can play the Olympic Club, in all its length and glory, and I promise it makes watching the US Open a little more fun, buecause you can really visualize the holes.

Check it out you wont be disappointed I promise.

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  1. Did you notice Nick Prices putter? Yes sir, that is one of my all time favorite putters the Ram Zebra Putter. Nick Price was sponsored by Ram Golf and he won all three of his major championships with that Zebra Putter. I think??? Either way watch the video and you can see him kissing his Zebra…

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